Word a Day Project

This is a personal project that I started earlier last year.  I asked individuals to give me a word to hand letter.  I recieved around thirty or so words and names and I began lettering.  My rules: have fun, work in the order recieved, and never say no to someone's submission.  I had a lot of fun with them and  decided to continue with the project. In round two, I asked for two words to letter and I also added illustration to some of them.  Additionally for this round, instead of limiting myself to pen and ink, I added printmaking.  As I move forward and continue lettering and illustrating, I hope to add color.  I have also found that as I create more, I am trying to find my style and visual voice.  Take the journey with me and feel free to offer up suggestions.  Soon, I will be getting ready for round three, so be looking for the opportunity to give me your three words.