Farmer Gene's Honey

Farmer Gene is a local farmer and beekeeper. With his hives in NW Portland, Valencia, and North Plains, his hard working bees are increasing the output and volume of honey he can jar. This year, he has decided to sell his honey, and hired me to create a brand for him. Gene wanted something that was classy, fun, and would stand out against its competitors. Black and white was a way to show off a little class and pairing it with the charicature of Farmer Gene made it fun and playful. We were working on a tight budget so we came up with some creative solutions. By printing in black and white, we were able save quite a bit in printing costs. We also did not want to sacrifice color, so I designed the additional sticker for the variety of honey that could be placed on each label to add a little splash of color. This allows the labels to stay the same while the varieties can be added to and changed out freely. Farmer Gene also will eventually branch out into the meat market so he wanted a brand that could be flexible and could work for a variety of products.